“Ants on Synthetic Lawn”

From time to time we’ve been asked how to get rid of ants on synthetic grass surfaces.

Based on publicly available information, we would recommend products like Mortein Nest Kill Ant Baits (or any other type of enclosed bait for ants).   These baits are designed to kill the nest/colony rather than just the ants which have had contact with the baits.  For maximum effect, the baits must be placed near the ant activity.

Because these products are enclosed, they will have the least likelihood of damaging the surface of the grass.  You will still need to take care that children and pets don’t have access to the baits.  Once the ant activity ceases, remove and safely dispose of the baits.

Ant bait products also come as standalone liquids and powers (for example Ant-Rid).  We don’t recommend placing any of these products directly onto the surface of your synthetic lawn, however the powder can be placed in a container or dish that will allow access for the ants.

Care must be taken to ensure that these products can’t be disturbed by children or pets.  You will also need to make sure that they’re sheltered from sprinklers or rain.  These products should also be removed after a couple of days and safely disposed of.

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