There’s some perception that synthetic grass surfaces are maintenance-free.  Whilst artificial grass requires less maintenance than natural grass, there are simple steps to be taken to maintain your lawn in peak condition.

A crucial tip for maintaining the surface is to do a little often, rather than neglecting maintenance for months and then facing a more significant amount of effort to restore the surface to its optimum condition.  Neglecting to maintain the synthetic lawn may also affect the warranty.

For surfaces with active use, we would recommend brushing on a regular basis.  A standard outdoor stiff plastic bristle broom or a plastic rake should be adequate.  Brush or rake in a number of directions to stimulate the top fibres and help them stand erect.

For passive landscape surfaces, brushing or raking is only necessary when removing organic matter such as fallen leaves or after weed control.

Weeds may grow at the edge of the turf and can germinate in the middle of your lawn as well.  Seeds may be dropped by birds, blow into your garden or be walked in on shoes & paws.  Removing weeds before they go to seed will save you from having a serious issue with weeds.  You can either simply pull the weeds out or use a weed killer.  Whilst you can use household (non-concentrated) weed killer solutions purchased from your local garden store or hardware that contain glyphosate, we would suggest some alternatives which are less harmful to the environment and insect life.  A couple of alternatives are Slasher Organic Weed Killer or Richgro Beat-a-Weed.  Richgro Beat-a-Weed is basically a “salt and vinegar” mix and has a minimum impact on insect life.

Animal faeces should be cleared as soon as possible.  The longer it’s left on artificial lawn, the harder it is to clean out as it can work its way into the structure of the lawn or be spread by dirty paws.

So, to keep your synthetic lawn in top condition and to prolong the life of your grass, a small amount of regular maintenance will protect your investment and extend the usable life of your lawn.

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