Creative Uses For Synthetic Lawn

Synthetic lawn is not only used for landscaping and sports surfaces, it’s also a fantastic product to use for countless creative projects.  Just a very few of these projects are listed below:

Outdoor Walls/Fences/Barriers – our Australian made synthetic grass won’t shrink or fade and will look good for years.  Used in outdoor cafes & bars fake grass makes an efficient & attractive buffer between the street and the pavement.

Indoor or Outdoor “Rugs” – Artificial lawn makes a hardwearing and washable “rug” for use either inside or outside.  Dogs love a mat made of synthetic grass.

Public Art – Synthetic turf has been used all around the world for sculptures and art installations both large & small.

Pathways & stair treads – an attractive option instead of other man made surfaces such as concrete or paving.

Internal floors & walls – for a funky look in either the home, office, bar, classroom, or in fact, anywhere at all.  Great for a child’s play area.

Roof Gardens & Balconies – bringing a more “natural” look to a bare concrete environment.

Table Runners – bring your picnic inside with a whimsical table runner made from fake grass.

Bench & cube covers for inside or outside.  Or with even more creativity, cushions covers.

Outdoor large scale chess or checker board.

Man Cave flooring – Fake lawn provides cushioning underfoot helping to relieve aches & pains and give relief from a cold concrete floor.

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