Green Planet Grass Blog – Lawn Reborn

Lawn Reborn™ is an enzyme product which kills bacteria and reduces unpleasant odours from bacterial growth.

It’s biodegradable & environmentally safe (certified septic & biocycle safe), non-toxic and won’t harm your children, pets, synthetic grass or garden plants. Lawn Reborn™ is a 100% Australian Made product.

Lawn Reborn™ can be used on synthetic lawn which has been installed with silica sand infill but has also been formulated to use in conjunction with PetFill™. PetFill™ is a mineral product which absorbs the ammonia from dog urine and is applied to your synthetic lawn at the time of installation in place of the usual silica sand infill. Lawn Reborn™ is a back-up product which reduces any subsequent bacterial growth & smells.

Lawn Reborn™ is a quick, easy to apply solution which neutralises pet odours. As well as a deodorizer, it’s a powerful artificial turf cleaner.

The frequency of applying Lawn Reborn™ varies depending on the number & size of your dogs, the size of the area to be treated and the metabolism and diet of the dog. It’s thought that a higher protein diet creates more food for the bacteria, hence greater bacterial growth and smell.

For maximum effect, we recommend applying Lawn Reborn™ in the evening allowing the enzymes time to do their work overnight rather than evaporating quickly off your lawn in the warm sunshine.

Lawn Reborn™ and PetFill™ are available exclusively from Green Planet Grass. Lawn Reborn™ comes in a 1 litre bottle and is diluted 1 part Lawn Reborn™ to 40 parts water. It’s an economical and effective way to keep your synthetic lawn clean, hygienic and odour free.

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