The OPM (On-site Perforating Machine) has been used with great benefit at the Leeming Bowling Club. This maintenance was carried out on two greens and was completed within 2 days.

Algae, pollution, degraded yarn and other substances can find their way into the drainage holes of a synthetic grass bowling green.  This will cause a gradual reduction in the drainage performance of the green.  As these particles will find their way into the base of the green, it’s very difficult to access the base to remove them.

The OPM creates new, clear holes in the surface with no adverse impact on the bowling performance of the green.  The new perforations are drilled in a similar configuration to the original factory perforations.  An advantage is that new holes are introduced into the seam area (which originally isn’t perforated so that adhesive doesn’t come through the surface during installation).  This not only solves your drainage problems, it may also extend the life of your green by years.

The OPM is a custom-built machine which runs 6 high-speed routers.  It is self-propelled to ensure a consistent spacing of perforations.

For more information with regard to the OPM or any other maintenance issues, contact Tony at Green Planet Grass.

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