Synthetic Grass Vs Natural Turf

The Environment, Water, Time Saving, Cost Saving & Appearance

In a comparison between fake lawn and real grass the following points need to be considered:

  • Synthetic grass doesn’t need watering. Not only does this help the environment, it has a huge impact on your water bills.
  • Because of the construction method of our base and the improved flow-through technology in our backing, any rainwater drains straight through the artificial lawn and into the water table.
  • No fertilisers or pesticides are needed to keep your lawn green & lush all year round, so no unpleasant chemicals will leach through to our water system and into our precious water ways.
  • No more lawn mowing – a financial (if you get the local lawn mower man in) and labour saving factor. For those who mow their own lawns, this means a considerable amount of time saved which can be spent relaxing with the family. Neighbourhood noise is also reduced creating a more peaceful & pleasant environment.
  • With Green Planet Grass installing garden borders at the edges of your lawn, you’ll have a neat garden edge. No more trimming edges or invasive grass runners heading into your garden beds.
  • Synthetic turf is not a good environment for fleas & insects that can cause problems for your pets. These problems often require treatment with expensive, toxic chemicals which it would be preferable to avoid.
  • Pets will stay cleaner, meaning less bathing & grooming. Dogs love a good roll on our synthetic lawns but won’t pick up all those blades of grass, fallen leaves & dirt that drops off as soon as they come inside. There will also be no more unattractive dust bowls where the dog likes to dig and play.
  • A professionally installed artificial lawn will give a firm, stable & even surface, much safer for the elderly & disabled. No risk of turning an ankle in hidden dips & soft spots or in reticulation holes.
  • With artificial turf, you’ll have a beautiful lawn all year, even in those shady or high traffic areas where natural grass just won’t grow.
Synthetic Grass Vs Natural Turf - Green Planet Grass

General environmental issues:

  • All Green Planet Grass lawns are manufactured below the lowest reportable corporation threshold for carbon emissions.
  • Unlike many imported products, they contain no heavy metals or toxins creating a pleasant, safe environment for your family & pets.
  • Our Softfall is made from 100% recycled materials.

Green Planet Grass has a range of landscaping and multi-purpose grasses to suit your needs and personal taste.

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At Green Planet Grass our Australian Made synthetic lawns don’t look like fake grass.