Avoid damage from reflective sunlight/heat

At Green Planet Grass, we believe the best synthetic turf available is made here in Australia. Australian made artificial lawns have been developed to withstand extreme levels of UV radiation. APT synthetic lawn has been designed to withstand surface temperatures of approx. 65-70 degrees Celsius.

When sunlight is reflected off shiny or reflective surfaces, the heat is magnified and can cause problems. This can also apply to light through glass swimming pool fencing or even through Perspex basketball backboards. This is not a common problem but one that is best avoided.

One of the simplest and most attractive ways of avoiding damage from hotspots is to leave a border 60-100cm wide that can be planted, landscaped or paved, whichever you prefer. Planting with shrubs has the added bonus of providing more shade in your garden which helps to reduce temperatures.

For more information, click here to read the attached PDF from APT.

Avoid damage from reflective sunlight/heat - Green Planet Grass

At Green Planet Grass our Australian Made synthetic lawns don’t look like fake grass.