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Landscape Grass Systems

At Green Planet Grass our basic artificial turf installation consists of:

– excavation;
– construction of a 60mm levelled, screeded & compacted base
– installation of the grass (includes pinning the perimeter every 20cms and taping the seams)
– applying silica sand infill (14kg/sqm for a standard 35mm pile height)

However, we do have some optional extras available.  These include:

  • By installing our 100% recycled open cell shock pad beneath play equipment, tree houses & swing sets, you can help protect your children when those inevitable falls occur.
  • If you have pets, we have our unique Pet Grass System which includes an installation process that discourages digging dogs and our PetFill™ (exclusive to GPG) which helps neutralize the odour of dog urine.
  • Synthetic grass on your front verge can be installed over a base specifically designed to accommodate parked cars. This base consists of 80mm of road base topped with 20mm of compacted crushed blue metal/cracker dust.  (We recommend you check with your local council regarding their verge policy).
  • Green Planet Grass has a special weed prevention system consisting of a UV stabilized fabric layer installed under the grass which inhibits weed growth. We can also treat the excavated area with weed spray, prior to the base course being constructed.
  • Green Planet Grass is now a preferred installer for a range of Melos rubber products, including Melos Stone. An innovative, high quality landscaping surface, complimentary to synthetic grass: it’s superbly suited for designing paths, gardens & terraces, non-slip and porous.
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Earth Synthetic Lawn - Landscape Grass Systems

Pile Height: 37mm
Stitch Rate (per 10cm): 11
No. of Tufts (m2): 11,555

Earth is our most popular landscaping grass. It’s extremely realistic and, with its broader blades, looks like a well-kept Perth buffalo lawn. Straw coloured blades not only give an attractive textural appearance to this lawn, the paler colour & reflective properties of the blades, help to substantially reduce the grass temperature on a hot day. Its natural and authentic look makes Earth a favourite with landscapers.


Saturn Synthetic Lawn - Landscape Grass Products- Green Planet Grass

Pile Height: 35mm
Stitch Rate (per 10cm): 14
No. of Tufts (m2): 14,706

Saturn is an extremely good value choice from our range of synthetic grasses. It has a mid-green colouring with a couch style blade. Its 35mm pile height gives plenty of softness but, like all our Australian Made grasses, is strong & durable. Saturn is also suitable for Commercial applications.


Seaview & Beachside example image - Green Planet Grass

Pile Height:  35mm
Stitch Rate (per 10cm): 16
No. of Tufts (m2):  16,800

Dual green/green/tan Txt PE yarn.  A natural looking synthetic grass providing durability combined with a soft feel.  Suitable for use in both residential & commercial installations.


Seaview & Beachside example image - Green Planet Grass

Pile Height:  25mm
Stitch Rate (per 10cm): 14
No. of Tufts (m2):  14,700

Beachside is a 25mm, version of the Seaview (above).  We often recommend the use of Beachside for a front yard and Seaview for the backyard where a plusher, softer feel is more important.  Not only is a 25mm pile height a more economical option, it’s often preferable for certain commercial applications.  Suitable for use in both residential and commercial installations.


Seaview & Beachside example image - Green Planet Grass

Pile Height:  25mm
Stitch Rate (per 10cm): 14
No. of Tufts (m2):  14,700

Dual green/green/tan Txt PE yarn.  Very similar to the Seaview 35mm.  Perfect where is shorter pile is required or where there are budget constraints.

At Green Planet Grass our Australian Made synthetic lawn doesn’t look like fake grass

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