Residential Synthetic Grass for Your Home in Perth

Water Wise Alert: Perth is facing extensions of watering restrictions. You can save an enormous amount of water by installing GPG synthetic grass now.

Green Planet Grass offers an excellent range of high-quality synthetic grass systems that look lush and green all year round. They need no watering, mowing or maintenance.

We have a range of products and installation options to choose from and our experienced Sales Consultants will help you with your selections. Phone Green Planet Grass on 9209 2669 to arrange an obligation free measure and quote at a time to suit you.

UV Stability – Our Australian Made yarn is tried and tested for this market.  Independent tests show that most imported yarn breaks down 65% in a little over two years, whilst our yarn only diminishes 1.5% in 7 years.

Fire Retardant – all our blades have fire retardant properties meeting all Australian & New Zealand Safety Standards.


We encourage our clients to consider not just how their lawn looks when it’s first laid, but how their lawn will look in 5, 10 or even 20 years.

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Pile Height: 37mm
Stitch Rate (per 10cm): 11
No. of Tufts (m2): 11,555

A Western Australian buffalo style synthetic grass – green & straw defibrillated PE tape with green & beige pp thatch.  Exclusive to Green Planet Grass, Earth stays cooler than other artificial grasses and is unlike any other synthetic lawns available in Perth.


Pile Height:  35mm
Stitch Rate (per 10cm): 14
No. of Tufts (m2):  14,706

An Australian style Couch lawn – Field Olive monofilament PE face yarn with Green Beige PP thatch. Saturn is a popular, hard wearing Australian synthetic lawn suitable for use in both residential & commercial installations.


Pile Height:  35mm
Stitch Rate (per 10cm): 16
No. of Tufts (m2):  16,800

Dual green/green/tan Txt PE yarn.  A natural looking synthetic grass providing durability combined with a soft feel.  Suitable for use in both residential & commercial installations.


Pile Height:  25mm
Stitch Rate (per 10cm): 14
No. of Tufts (m2):  14,700

Dual green/green/tan Txt PE yarn.  Very similar to the Seaview 35mm.  Perfect where is shorter pile is required or where there are budget constraints.

Our grass products provide the softest feel and most realistic appearance of any synthetic grass available in Western Australia. To find out more about what we can do for you, call Green Planet Grass today on 08 9209 2669.