Getting the best out of Artificial Garden Design

When designed with care, a garden with synthetic grass doesn’t have to look like a barren landscape of harsh surfaces of fake lawn, decking, paving & metal fences.

With artificial lawn, you can have an attractive waterwise & green garden.  Any precious water you use will go on the garden rather than a water guzzling lawn.

A garden not only provides a pleasant place to relax outdoors, it can also enhance your interior spaces with an attractive outlook.  A well-planned garden is also a visual & sound barrier between you and your neighbours.  Rather than hearing the sound of air-conditioners, slamming doors & flushing toilets, you can hear the sound of the wind in the trees and the birds singing.

Trees are like the skeleton of your garden and should be chosen with care to suit the area where they’re planted.  Check with your local nursery on the height & width your chosen trees will reach.  Deciduous trees will give you the sunlight when you need it in winter and shade your garden from the hot sun in summer.  You’ll also only have leaves to rake up once a year (and autumn leaves look so pretty on the grass!).  A lemon tree also makes a very attractive addition to your garden, as well as providing you with fresh fruit.

Shrubs along a fence line will provide cooling greenery, a welcoming environment for birds and relief from reflected heat & light.  APT synthetic lawn has been designed to withstand surface temperatures of approx. 65-70 degrees Celsius.  However, when sunlight is reflected off reflective or shiny surfaces, the heat is magnified.  In areas which receive strong reflected sunlight we recommend leaving a border of 60-100cm width.  This is a perfect width for planting shrubs which can be left to grow naturally or hedged.  Green Planet Grass can install your garden bed edging and there is a wide range of waterwise plants that can be used for this purpose.

Green Planet Grass has a range of artificial lawns which include our Cool Touch 35 & Earth.  In strong, full sunlight, both these synthetic grasses don’t get as hot as other grasses.  We also have our PetFill product, which not only reduces the possible smell from dog urine, it also helps reduce the temperature of the lawn.

Pets love synthetic lawn and professionally laid artificial turf will stand up to the activities of pets (& children) much better than a natural lawn.  You don’t need to worry about dead, sandy patches which have been worn down by the kids & pets or areas that refuse to grow because of shade from fences, buildings or trees.

Synthetic turf is also perfect for use around a swimming pool, is much more inviting than harsh paving and will be just as easy to maintain.

You can substantially increase the value of your home by spending a little extra time planting your garden for the best artificial garden design to suit.  Our experienced Sales Consultant would be happy to help you with this task.  Phone Green Planet Grass on 0459 490 983 for an obligation free measure and quote.

At Green Planet Grass our Australian Made synthetic lawns don’t look like fake grass.

Courtesy to Pinterest for the artificial lawn image idea. Call Green Planet Grass on 0459 490 983 today to tell us what your garden ideas are and we can help achieve them!