Earth - Green Planet Grass Perth - Synthetic Grass and Rubber Surfaces

Pile Height: 35mm
Stitch Rate (per 10cm): 11
No. of Tufts (m2): 11,555

Loved by professional landscapers, Earth is exclusive to Green Planet Grass and has the appearance of a well maintained, Western Australian buffalo lawn. It’s also proven to stay cooler than other artificial grasses.

15-year warranty

Finished Product

Product Code 6186
Application Synthetic Lawns/ Leisure
Pile Height (mm) 35mm
Colours Available Field Green/ Vegas Green with Straw Green sub-pile
Total Product Weight g/m2 2,630 g/m2


Available width 3.71m
Standard Roll Length 20.0m
Approx. Shipping Weight 9.8kg/lm
Line Systems N/A

Infill Materials

Stabilising Infil Fine grained silica sand (15.0kg/m2)
Performance Infil N/A

Product Warranty

Warranty Eight (8) year limited warranty as per manufacturer’s
standard warranty terms


Machine Gauge 9.52mm (3/8″)
Stitch Rate 11 per 100mm
Yarn Weight 1,680g/m2
No. of Tufts (m2) 11,554
Perforated Standard

Yarn Properties

Yarn Construction PE monofilament/ PP subpile
Linear Density 1100 Tex/490 Tex
Environment Environmentally friendly yarns which are heavy metal
UV Stability free The yarn is protected against UV degradation to the
highest level as specified in the yarn manufacturer’s warranty
terms and conditions

Primary Backing

Construction Woven PP/ Non Woven
Primary Layers Multilayer

Secondary Coating

Compound Base Hybrid Emulsion
Tuft Anchorage 40 Newtons (minimum)
Antioxidising Agent Present