Pet Systems

At Green Planet Grass, all our Australian made synthetic lawns are suitable for backyards where dogs & cats live & play.

Dogs love a good roll on our pet friendly artificial grass and their owners love that no clippings or dirt will be tracked inside over freshly vacuumed floors. During wet weather, there are no more muddy paw prints and nor more grubby dogs needing a bath.

You won’t have to look at “fairy rings” on your lawn caused by your four-legged friend relieving herself on the lawn or patches where natural grass just won’t grow because of wear and tear from the dogs. Our Australian made grass are of the highest quality and manufactured to withstand the normal stress caused by dogs playing on the lawn. Using flow thru technology, your synthetic grass is easy to hose down with excellent drainage.

For dogs with allergies, synthetic grass reduces and in some cases, eliminates irritation from grass and grass seeds. This applies for contact allergies causing itchy paws or allergies caused by inhalation. Synthetic lawn will also create a pest free environment, discouraging fleas & ticks.

Dog urine can be a serious problem on artificial lawn but at Green Planet Grass we have two complimentary products that deal with this problem:

  • Pet Fill is applied during the installation of your new lawn and replaces the normal silica sand infill. Pet Fill is a completely harmless, non-toxic mineral product which absorbs the ammonia from dog urine.
  • Lawn Reborn is an enzyme product which neutralizes the odour caused by bacterial action and prevents formation of hydrogen sulphide (rotten egg odour). Certified Salmonella free, it’s non-toxic and environmentally safe.

Both these products are exclusive to Green Planet Grass.

Pet Systems - Green Planet Grass
Pet Systems - Green Planet Grass

We also offer our anti-dig system to deter digging dogs from tearing up your new lawn. This system gives a much firmer edge to your grass and is installed in the place of pins around the perimeter of the site.

For further information or to organized an obligation free measure and quote in the comfort of your own home, phone Green Planet Grass on 0459 490 983. Our friendly and knowledgeable Sales Consultant can advise you on the options to best suit you & your dogs needs.

At Green Planet Grass our Australian Made synthetic lawns don’t look like fake grass.