Green Planet Grass Blog – Petfill™ & Lawn Reborn™

If you have synthetic grass and a dog, odour caused by dog urine can have a serious impact on enjoyment of your back yard.

These odours are caused by 2 factors; ammonia in the urine & the subsequent bacterial growth which may occur:

  1. PetFill™ absorbs the ammonia (the primary cause of odour), substantially neutralizing and reducing smells;
  2. Lawn Reborn™ is an enzyme product that destroys the bacteria that is the secondary cause of odours.

PetFill™ is an organic mineral blend that naturally reduces pet odours, making it ideal for use as an infill product for artificial grass.  It’s safe for pets & humans and replaces silica sand infill.  PetFill™ is applied at the time of installation of your synthetic lawn.

PetFill™ is applied at a rate of 10kg/sqm in a standard 35mm landscaping lawn.

An added benefit of the PetFill™ is that it can reduce the temperature of your lawn by absorbing moisture and then releasing it slowly, providing an “air-conditioning” effect by evaporation.

Many people find that the PetFill™ alone will adequately deal with odours caused by dog urine.  But, in cases where there is secondary odour caused by bacterial growth, Lawn Reborn™ is a quick solution to help neutralize these odours.

Lawn Reborn™ is an enzyme product which works as a powerful artificial turf cleaner and deodorizer.  It’s non-toxic, environmentally safe, certified septic & Bio-cycle safe, salmonella free & biodegradable.

Frequency of spraying Lawn Reborn™ varies depending on the size of the dog, the size of the garden and the diet & metabolism of the dog.  A higher protein diet can encourage increased bacterial growth & subsequently more odour.  We recommend applying Lawn Reborn™ in the evening to get the maximum benefit from the product.  Applying in the cool of the evening will avoid excessive heat & evaporation, allowing the enzymes to do their work.

Both products are Australian Made & exclusive to Green Planet Grass.  For more information contact us at Green Planet Grass either by phone 0459 490 983 or email

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