Synthetic Lawns in Perth

Water Wise Alert: Perth is facing extensions of watering restrictions. You can save an enormous amount of water by installing GPG synthetic grass now.

At Green Planet Grass our Australian made synthetic lawn doesn’t look like fake grass.

GPG Landscape Systems

At Green Planet Grass our basic installation consists of excavation, construction of a 60mm screeded & compacted base, installation of the grass (includes pinning the perimeter every 20cms) and applying sand infill. However, we do have some optional extras. These include:

  • By installing our 100% recycled open cell shock pad beneath play equipment, tree houses & swing sets, you can help protect your children when those inevitable falls occur.
  • If you have pets, we have our unique Pet Grass System which includes an installation process that discourages digging dogs and our Petfill (exclusive to GPG) which helps neutralize the odour of dog urine.
  • Synthetic grass on your front verge can be installed over a base specifically designed to accommodate parked cars.
  • Green Planet Grass has a special weed prevention system consisting of a 100% recyclable UV stabilised fabric layer installed under the grass. We can also treat the excavated area prior to the base course being constructed.





Pile Height: 37mm
Stitch Rate (per 10cm): 11
No. of Tufts (m2): 11,555

Earth is our most popular landscaping grass. It’s extremely realistic and, with its broader blades, looks like a well-kept Perth buffalo lawn. Straw coloured blades not only give an attractive textural appearance to this lawn, the paler colour & reflective properties of the blades, help to substantially reduce the grass temperature on a hot day. Its natural and authentic look makes Earth a favourite with landscapers.


Pile Height: 42mm
Stitch Rate (per 10cm): 14
No. of Tufts (m2): 29,412

With a pile height of 42mm, Neptune is our most luxurious & plush grass. It is a dark tropical green in colour, with a couch grass blade. Looks fantastic in any garden whether you have a tropical paradise, a traditional cottage garden or a contemporary Australian setting.


Pile Height: 25mm
Stitch Rate (per 10cm): 14
No. of Tufts (m2): 14,706

Pluto is our “entry level” artificial lawn. It’s exactly the same as our Saturn, mid-green colouring with a couch style blade, but has a shorter pile (25mm). This makes Pluto an ideal synthetic grass for front lawns.


Pile Height: 35mm
Stitch Rate (per 10cm): 14
No. of Tufts (m2): 14,706

Saturn is an extremely good value choice from our range of synthetic grasses. It has a mid-green colouring with a couch style blade. Its 35mm pile height gives plenty of softness but, like all our Australian Made grasses, is strong & durable. Saturn is also suitable for Commercial applications.


Pile Height: 19mm
Stitch Rate (per 10mm): 29
No. of Tufts (m2): 29,937

A versatile synthetic lawn, widely used in childcare centres and areas of high traffic & multipurpose use. It has a 19mm pile height and a single dark green colour toning. As the name suggests, it’s not so much a landscaping grass as an artificial lawn suitable for sporting & play situations. Multiplay is also suitable for both Commercial & Residential applications.

For more information on our GPG Landscape System, call Green Planet Grass today on 08 9209 2669 .