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Install Our Environmentally Friendly Grass for Western Australia

Located in Perth

All our lawns are manufactured below the lowest reportable corporation threshold for carbon emissions. They adhere to Australian and New Zealand Safety Standards and are manufactured to Quality Assured Manufacturing Standards (AS/NZS ISO9001:2008).


Green Planet Grass is helping the environment

  • A 50sqm natural buffalo lawn requires 73,000 litres of water a year to stay green. Green Planet Grass lawns require absolutely no water at all.
  • Our improved flow through technology and specially designed base construction ensures all rainwater drains into the water table.
  • Installing Green Planet Grass in your garden not only lowers your carbon footprint and saves water, it also limits the amount of fertilizers, chemicals and pesticides which all eventually creep into our water system and our beautiful rivers.
  • Unlike many imported synthetic lawns, Green Planet Grass contains no harmful toxins such as lead – making a safe & healthy environment for you and your family.
  • Green Planet Grass even helps keep ticks, fleas & insects at bay, reducing the use of pest control medications for your pets.
  • Reduces long term carbon footprint by reducing on-going carbon emissions and fuel consumption from use of lawn equipment.
  • Green Planet Grass Shock Pads are made from recycled products.
  • PetFill™ is an organic mineral blend, 100% Australian Made and environmentally friendly.
  • Lawn Reborn® is a liquid enzyme product, 100% Australian Made, environmentally friendly and non-toxic.
Environment - Green Planet Grass

At Green Planet Grass our Australian Made synthetic lawn doesn’t look like fake grass

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