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Our Sales Consultants have had years of experience with both Residential & Commercial customers and their projects. We can advise you on how best to integrate our synthetic lawn with your existing or proposed landscaping.

They have extensive knowledge of our products, their applications & installation methods and carry samples of our complete range of products.

We are happy to visit at a time to suit you during the week. Bookings for an obligation free measure & quote can be made by phone to our office 08 9209 2669 which is open Monday to Friday 8.30am. Our showroom is also open during these times and we look forward to helping you with your choices or organizing one of our Sales staff to visit to assess your needs and provide you with a free measure & quote.

Why choose synthetic lawn over traditional grass?

Artificial grass looks and feels like traditional grass but will save you water, time and money. It will also look great every day of the year.

Like much of Australia, Western Australia has been hit hard with a lack of rainfall for several years. This is having a major impact on the population’s ability to maintain a ‘water reliant’ garden. Much of Western Australia and Perth are now on Level 4 water restrictions meaning tight water control and only two days of restricted watering a week. Worryingly, parts of regional Western Australia are now on Level 5 water restrictions, meaning no watering at all.

There’s increasing pressure on the government to raise water prices in response to the decreasing supply. An Economic Regulation Authority (ERA) report on the state’s water tariff structure has recommended charges be increased over the six-year period to reflect the true cost of providing water. ERA chairman Lyndon Rowe said, “It’s important that the price we are paying for water is reflective of its true cost. That sends appropriate signals to people about how they use that water. West Australians currently pay $1.36 per kilolitre, the equivalent of a ton of water, and they can expect to pay $1.81 per kilolitre in six years’ time in terms of today’s dollar value representing an increase of 34%”.

What’s the difference between Green Planet Synthetic Grass and the old fashioned artificial turf?

The look and feel, colour and texture of our next-generation synthetic grasses have transformed old artificial turf into new age grass. It looks and feels like real grass but without all the maintenance hassles. Its acceptance has exponentially increased not only because of its look and feel but because of continued water shortages and its time-saving abilities.

How is Green Planet Synthetic Grass secured down?

Once laid, our grass is in-filled with sand or our exclusive Play or Pet Fill options. This provides the synthetic lawn with significant weight that will prevent any movement. It can also be glued directly to the base, pinned around the edges or nailed into H4-treated timber depending on the application.

Will the Green Planet Synthetic Grass harbour any bugs?

Our synthetic grass has no organic value, therefore, the bugs have nothing to feed on and will move onto a yard with real grass. Ants have a hard time coming up through the drainage holes and will generally find an area outside the grass that has less resistance.

Is Green Planet Synthetic Grass mould resistant?

Green Planet Grass has been specifically designed to eliminate mould as a problem. The synthetic grass fibres and rubber backing can’t absorb water, and the base is constructed to drain any excess water away therefore preventing mould and mildew. In fact, natural grass supports the growth of mould to a far greater degree.

Is Green Planet Synthetic Grass flammable?

We have heard several horror stories about imported synthetic grass being highly flammable. All Green Planet Grass is fire retardant. It meets the minimum industry standard of fire retardancy, which is Din 51960. Grass tested without infill conforms to the standard DIN 51960 Class 2, while grass with sand infill conforms to the standard DIN 51960 Class 1.

Where can I purchase Green Planet Synthetic Grass from and how can I request a free measure and quote?

Simply Call 08 9209 2669 to arrange a Green Planet Grass Specialist to visit you at home for a free measure and quote. Alternatively, you can visit the Green Planet Grass showroom at 21 Harris Road, Malaga.

How long will Green Planet Synthetic Grass last?

All Green Planet Grass products are manufactured in Australia to Australian standards and come with a 5 or 7 year guarantee depending on which grass is chosen, but with the correct installation and maintenance it’s proven that your lawn will for many years more. Synthetic grasses within our range have been installed in many high-traffic school sports areas and public open spaces.

What makes Green Planet Synthetic Grass Special?

We encourage you to compare the synthetic grasses available. Green Planet Grass is the highest quality Australian made product on the market. In short we have exclusive and unique systems, designed specifically for the Perth and the West Australian market. With durability and realism, a premium backing system and advanced, unique seaming method, Green Planet Grass is defining next generation synthetic lawn.

Is there any maintenance involved?

Green Planet Grass will never need watering, fertilising or mowing. Heavily used front or back yard areas will require an occasional brush with a heavy plastic bristle broom to freshen the look and feel. If leaves should fall onto your lawn, they should be simply removed with either a rake, outdoor broom or blower. If there is any weed growth, these can be easily sprayed with a standard weed killer. Weed killer will not damage or discolour your Green Planet Grass lawn.

Will Green Planet Synthetic Grass fade from the sun?

Do not believe what some companies will tell you, as ultimately all synthetic grasses will eventually fade. Green Planet grass is Australian-made and has a UV stabiliser specially designed to suit the harsh Australian climate. It has a 7-year warranty, but you can expect it to last 15-20 years and fade less than 4% from its original colour.

Does Green Planet Synthetic Grass stain?

Green Planet Grass is made from polypropylene or polyethylene synthetic yarn which have a high resistance to staining including paint stains.

Any spills should be promptly cleaned by scraping, mopping or wiping. Any residual stain can be removed with a warm mild solution of granular household detergent or any low sudsing detergent for fine fabrics. Any damage to the grass can be repaired.

As part of Green Plant Grass’ commitment to a great lawn for years to come, you will receive a complete care and maintenance guide after your synthetic lawn has been installed. This will inform you how to care for your synthetic grass and clean any spills.

How do I install Green Planet Synthetic Grass?

Installation of a perfect lawn is dependent on the quality of workmanship during all stages of the process. Green Planet Grass recommends that its lawns be installed by its qualified staff to ensure you are enjoying your lawn for many years to come. It also protects your 7-year product warranty.

What is the cost of fully installed Green Planet Synthetic Grass?

Green Planet Synthetic Grass is only installed by accredited Green Planet Grass staff or trained and approved contractors. One of our sales specialists can provide a detailed, obligation-free quote.

Can you park cars on Green Planet Synthetic Grass?

Within reason, yes, but you need to increase the stability of the base under the grass by building it approximately 100mm deep and using a larger aggregate for the majority of the base. Please feel free to discuss your parking requirements in further detail with one of our Green Planet Grass Specialists during your needs analysis.

At Green Planet Grass our Australian Made synthetic lawn doesn’t look like fake grass

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